The Guardians~TST


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This is from yet another Young Adult piece sitting on my desk top waiting for completion. Here are two tiny little sentences from my W.I.P. The Guardians.

It wasn’t the fact they’d killed a walking corpse that bothered me, but I knew the boy the zombie once was. He’d asked me to go to homecoming with him only three short weeks ago.

Teasers are both fun and infuriating, but these work two fold. I get to share a little tidbit of what I’m working on and it inspires me to keep writing. Later!


Brick by Boring Brick

Paramore is one of my go to bands when I need a mood change.  There are many reasons I chose this video. The dark nature of it perhaps, the feeling that reality is far darker than we’d like. Whatever the reason my subconscious mind loves this is of little concern. It is a piece of music that inspires me and the video reinforces that.

THC-Two Sentence Tuesday!


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Here is today’s installment for Two Sentence Tuesday. This is from a series idea I have brewing in my little brain tentatively titled The Honor Chronicles about a young girl from the realm of Faerie named…. Honor. (Nothing more to give away at this point in time. Can’t take away from two sentence Tuesday after all.) 🙂

“Yeah,” I sighed, rolling the eyeliner pencil on the dressing table. “If I have to watch Fagan saw another woman in half I will lose it.”

Okay now that I’ve teased, it’s time for me to go! Have a great day everyone!