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Mmm....Coconut Creme

Ahhhhhh! It’s Friday the 13th. Sweet! Well I’m rounding my successful blogging week up with a nice Friday Five segment. Writing necessities can vary greatly depending on the writer. Here are my five ‘must haves’

  1. Coconut or Strawberry Creme Frappuccino in the summer of Hot Cocoa in the Winter
  2. Music… think Skillet, Flyleaf, Paramore
  3. Fragrance…. to help set the mood, I usually have something melting in my Scentsy warmer.
  4. Notes and of course….. the thing I couldn’t do without….
  5. My LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There you have it. Insight into what makes this writers muse sigh with delight. Do you have must haves when you are writing or reading? Answer truthfully. I would hate to have to send Jason Voorhees after you. Hahahahahaha! (Okay just pretend that was maniacal laughter)