My mind works in overdrive. Often a lot faster than my fingers will work or my time will allow. However, I am soooo ready to get back into things. Writing more than anything. However, I am finding that Spring Fever has gotten hold of me and I am feeling the need to reorganize so when I sit down and get back into my stories, I can do so with a clean slate so to speak. Several stories are started on my desktop. Several more that need to be re-worked as I have decided that ALL my stories will be Young Adult friendly. I have found that the further I get into writing, the more I am realizing that things I write aren’t entirely me. They are, but with added elements due to the feedback or perceived expectations of what the market wants. Hard to be true to self when one is being true to perceived expectations.

Hopefully this renewed outlook will afford me the opportunity to be more devoted to the pieces I a work on. Yes this is my dream. To be true to the writer in me. Through and through. Oh and on that note, I will be implementing theme days here so that I can be a bit more committed to my blogging. (Yes I’m truly horrible about regular blogging.) So stay tune to see what I unveil in the upcoming weeks! For now, let me leave you with a image that always takes my breath away.

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh