Seriously. I’ve had beaches, warm water, and fruity drinks on the brain lately. Been dreaming about the sun, the sand, and the surf(ers). When it comes to the beach, that is where I am at home. Perhaps it was those five years of my childhood spent in Panama where practically every weekend was a mini vacation out to a nearby tropical island. The family would camp, snorkel, sea shell hunt…fight over hammock space. Oh that was the life. And I’ve been dying to recapture that feel. Virtually impossible in Las Vegas. Our body of water is a lake I don’t recommend swimming in (Unless you are searching for a body dumped by a mobster back in the day).

Today I found my answer. It came in a little Styrofoam cup (which is totally not environmentally friendly I know!)I took the zombie twins to a frozen yogurt place today. What did I get? Coconut yogurt topped with fresh strawberries and blackberries. Now if only there were a nicely toned cabana boy to serve it to me. I’d even share….a little. Any takers? I’ll even take friends willing to sit by a pool with me.