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I always love browsing the shelves in the bookstores. Most recently, it has become fun to guess what classic they will put some paranormal of sci-fi twist on. Do you have any idea how many stories they have done this to so far? Let’s look shall we?

  1. Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies
  2. Sense, Sensibilities, and Sea Monsters
  3. Android Karenina
  4. Little Vampire Women
  5. Jane Slayre
  6. Mansfield Park and Mummies
  7. Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter
  8. Wuthering Bites
  9. Romeo & Juliet and Vampires
  10. Emma and the Vampires

Now I haven’t read any of these. Part of me longs to out of curiosity. Particularly Wuthering Bites and Pride Prejudice and Zombies. Have you read any of these? Plan to? Heard of one I didn’t list? Think the whole thing is ridiculous? The floor is yours.