Today, I sat and reflected on my pre-teen and teen years. Books came to mind. Stories I’d enjoyed so much I read them over and over again. Then I thought what a perfect thing to share with my readers. So here goes…


This was one of those series that had everything for me. (Well everything but the magic and myth I look for these days.) The series had romance, life issues that were real or seemed real, and even the occasional mystery. Oh how I devoured the Sweet Valley series when I was younger. The sad part is, I wonder if it would still be as enjoyable today?


It’s been a very long time since I read this book and though I don’t remember much about this story, I do remember the relationship with the siblings was strong. The life issues that Dicey was concerned with were very relate able.


Yes, quite a different book from the others listed here, but this one has one of the most graphic scenes I’d ever read. It happened early on in the book and to this day the scene where the jogger gets hit by the car and the discription of the head wound remain among my favorites. Hardly a young adult book, but still was a fun read. One that I had to sneak to enjoy and it was better because of it.


Those are only a few of what comes to mind. Honestly, with the number of books I’ve read, it’s difficult to remember when I read what, these ones were so memorable to me though that they practically jumped to mine. So tell me what some of your favorite teen reads were.