I lived through the field trip ordeal. One down, one to go. It wasn’t bad and I was thoroughly impressed with zombie twin number one’s behavior. Why do they act better in school then they do at home? I guess it’s the nature of the beast huh?

There are now other things I have to deal with though. Zombie twin number two is very emotional right now. Sad more often than not and complains of headaches. Have I cursed him with my constant worrying? God I hope not. I really do not wish that constant worry and stress on anyone. If I could learn how to deal with my anxieties, I could teach him to take life in stride. Enjoy the little moments. But how do you teach a seven year old that when you are rushing out the door for work, worrying about bills, dying cars, clean houses, and homework? Okay deep breath.

Focus on the little moments. The things that make him smile. Like mom taking a week off of the nine to five job to de-stress and wave to him from the gate outside of the school playground. Having snuggle time on the couch. Watching Shrek or some other ridiculously funny family movie. Dancing around the living room or playing Rock Band. See sometimes I think as adults we tend to forget what it’s like not to have those worries. To just be a kid again. Maybe I can get in touch with my inner kid again. Have a great Wednesday everyone!