Nothing sparks a story for me more than coming across even the slightest bit of mythology. Take for example, the mythological trickster Loki. I could envision him causing quite the commotion on the mortal plane with no one to stop him but an unlikely pair that end up discovering there is more to their developing friendship than meets the eye. Of course Loki would do his best to sway the young lovers, cast doubt, create trouble. After all, that is what he does best.

See what I mean. Norse gods? You better believe it. Celtic mythology? Oh how sweet those words are to my muse. A realm of Faeries? For the love of God yes!!! What about specific creatures that belong in said myths? Pegasus? Unicorns? Dragons? Werewolves? Oh and let us not forget mermaids! Please tempt me no more! My muse and I can only take so much before we are running in fifty different directions. *Takes time to focus* What was I discussing? Oh yes, mythology. You know it really does wonders for a writer’s imagination. There are so many what ifs and possibilities for interpretation.

What are some of your favorite myth’s or legends? Do you have a favorite creature that you wish stories were written about? Do share. I love hearing what makes others hearts and imaginations take flight.