I don’t often dream when I sleep. At least not to the point of remembering. Last night was quite different. The dream was so real to me. One of those which sends you from your bed to discover if there was any truth to it. That’s when I realized that I was wearing my pajamas and not the clothes I had on in my dream. Nor were other details the same. My Christmas tree was not magically put away, nor was it miraculously clean and decorated with my flair for beach decor. Oh and the boy? Not a fixture on my couch. Boo hoo I say!

This led me to a particular question this morning. Is there some level of magic present in the dreams we have on New Year’s? I want to believe. Because if so? Then my tradition will no longer be to make resolutions, but to dream big on that special night where we say goodbye to one year and hello to the new. I agree with one of my fellow writing sisters, Rachel Marie Pratt, on the resolution front. It should be all about the goals (or dreams in my case). So speaking of dreams for 2011, what are mine?

My dreams are simple. Ready?

1. On the writing front, I dream to finish my young adult manuscript this year and have it subbed by year end. I can’t churn them out at the speed of light, all sparkly and fatabulous like some, my magic wand just doesn’t work that way.

2. I dream about cultivating the friendships I have. Yes, sometimes it is more important to focus on the few you cherish rather than the quantity.

3. Do at least one fun me vacation. Even if it is a weekend at the beach. I have yet to take a true vacation in the last… two years (and that is probably a low end guesstimate).

4. I dream of a boy. One in particular whose friendship is worth more than gold. That’s all I will say about him.

5. This last dream is even more on a personal front. I dream of rediscovering who I am. (Duh! You’re Joey. The girl with the boy’s name. The one that likes all that magic crap and believes in ghosts, zombies, were-creatures, witches, faeries, gods, goddesses and other mythical stuff.) Yes I am all of those things, but this particular dream goes deeper than that. Coming out of my shell so to speak. Finding that person I was when fear of rejection, or being laughed at, didn’t register like it does today.

Go out and DREAM BIG and make this New Year one that you can look back on and say “Man 2011 was a great year. I made it my own. Sprinkled a little pixie dust and made my dreams come true.” You can do it. If I can dream of coming out of my shell, so can you!