The holidays used to be my favorite time of year. Halloween would hit and from there on out it was a roller coaster of fun, family, and friends, shopping, decorating, baking, and holiday movies. Then my kids were born a week and a half before Christmas. You know how they say Christmas babies get gipped on their birthdays? To a certain extent I believe this is true. However, my family is determined to not let that be the case for the zombie twins. We’ve done parties every year that seem to out do the one before. One year was Indiana Jones, another was G.I. Joe, and what do you think we are doing this year? Well I tried to run many ideas past them and we’ve settled on… Pirates. A full scale pirate bash. Oh yes, have I mentioned that I got the brilliant idea to make their invitations? Yes I did. Because my time is unlimited, I could totally throw this massive invitation idea together with no recourse right? Let’s just do a rundown of a normal weekend day (going weekend because work occupies most time during the week).

Kids wake up and start playing video games @ somewhere between 5am and 6am.
Mom awakes from a beautiful dreamy slumber with the sounds of Madden NFL as if the football players were right in her bedroom @ around 5:30am to 6:30am.
Approximately 2 seconds later before moms feet hit the floors, zombie twin #2 comes in and says he’s hungry. Followed a second later by zombie twin #1.
Mom goes to fridge and pantry. Nothing she has to offer will satisfy the nutritional needs of said zombies, must call in reinforcements.
Load kids in car and head five minutes up the road to invade Grandma and PaPa’s house where PaPa has been notified via the zombie phone and has sprung into action.
Breakfast is consumed and we are now looking at the time being anywhere between 8 and 9 am.

Now mind you we aren’t even half-way through a normal day here in the Joey Nichols household. Nope we are just getting started, but it gives you a general over view of how a day in the life goes and I am sure it is the same for most parents out there. Somewhere amidst all this chaos I need to do laundry, clean my house (which seems to get dirty regardless of the amount of time we spend at the grandparents), and sneak in a few hours of writing.

Oh what were we talking about again? Right. Invitations. Brilliant idea. Pirate parties require unique invitations…especially when we are trying to keep the birthday from being overshadowed by the holidays. Their invitation this year is a message in a bottle. See…

Cute right? Yes that is real sand in the bottom of the glass. I have lost my flipping mind. At least their aunt was kind enough to come help so the invites could finally reach completion. On top of that, some of my adult writing stuff has been completed which frees up more time to devote to the current ya vampire story I am working on. Vampires overdone in the wake of Twilight? Hmm, possibly but that is a topic for another time.

Have a good week everyone!