November may be NaNo month for some, but as you can see from the non-moving progress bar to the right, it is a definite NoNo month for me. First time out for NaNo and I realize as successful an endeavor it may be for some, this year I couldn’t turn the internal editor off, nor could I get my muse to focus. Now I did write, not always in my YA stuff, but it did motivate me to get words onto paper. Is it happening at the 50k word count for the month pace? Nope and I am okay with that.

Had this month been a little less hectic (i.e. kids weren’t still passing around the crud for the third week, surgeries within the family, monetary stress, etc.) perhaps NaNo would have been more of a success. Next year, I hope to be better prepared. Maybe plan a little vacation time around NaNo. That might be just the ticket. 😉

To all of you still penning your novels for NaNo, may you reach your goals in style!