If I could get more than a handful of things accomplished in a week it would be amazing. Still striving for that goal though. This week was seriously slow moving for me. I had a sick kid on Tuesday, Wednesday I left work early, Thursday and Friday the sicky blues continued to plague me, and yes they followed me into the weekend. So don’t be surprised by the lack of strikethroughs on this list. Here we go-

Blog hop. This is a continued must. (Managed a few of these. Less towards the end of the week though)

•Research for stories. Going to run with the feedback I got on the first chapter, research demonology a bit, and try to refrain from doing any more than make notes for the other story that popped into my head.

More crits. Reading some of my fellow YAFFers work so that I can be caught up and feel more intuned with their work.

•Rewrite first scene and then move on. One chapter at a time… (This was started though not completed.)
Lots of partial completions. We will leave this week simple. Going to finish this list before deciding on more goals. You guys have a great week. Pop back in tomorrow for the Temptation Tuesday segment.