Here is the low down for the last week. It has been a little rough and slow going this week, but I did manage a little progress I think.

•Get two chapters completed in the ya story. (Okay, this didn’t go so well for me. Finished one chapter, realized I have some work to do.)

•Critique the works of at least two of my fellow YAFFers (Only got one of these done.)

Schedule my blog posts so I can be more efficient

Blog hop! (Why does that make me think of bunny hop, or sock hop, or hopscotch even?)

Where do we stand now? Well going forward this week, I have a few things in mind. Will once again try and pre-schedule my blog posts, only because it seemed to work well for me last week. But other than that, here is my goal list for this week:

  • Blog hop. This is a continued must.
  • Research for stories. Going to run with the feedback I got on the first chapter, research demonology a bit, and try to refrain from doing any more than make notes for the other story that popped into my head.
  • More crits. Reading some of my fellow YAFFers work so that I can be caught up and feel more intuned with their work.
  • Rewrite first scene and then move on. One chapter at a time…

That is where I stand at the moment. Will see you all tomorrow for Temptation Tuesday. So many cool books coming out, that it makes it my easiest post of the week by far! Until then my friends.