Okay that was my only cheesy Sally Fields reference (and I am probably showing my age with that). So, I went to visit R.M. Gilbert’s blog and much to my surprise, she gave me this beautiful award!

Your jealous, admit it. 🙂 Okay, all goofiness aside… I really was surprised by this, but it put a much needed smile on my face. That Gilbert girl is something else and you really should go check her out. She puts the AWE in AWESOME!!! There are a few, uh, provisos. Ah, a couple of quid pro quo…let’s deal with those first. The rules are to share 7 random bits of info and pass along the love to fellow bloggers. Not too difficult. I totally got this.


  1. Starbuck’s Sugar-free soy Cinnamon Dulce latte and Sugar-free Red Bulls are my addictions.
  2. There are rarely moments of quiet in my head because the voices in my head usually don’t shut up.
  3. My sick and twisted mind drove me to re-read the scene in Stephen King’s Pet Sematary where the jogger, Victor Pascow, was hit by the car. The description of the injury sustained in that scene fascinated me.
  4. Out of all the vampire and wolf flicks out there, my favorite is still Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Gary Oldman was fabulous in that movie.
  5. Every morning I have to get on my computer first thing, even if its just to check emails.
  6. I think zombies are cool, rotting flesh and all.
  7. You know the saying “I don’t do windows”? Well I don’t do housework…that is according to my sister. Since I don’t have a maid and have twin boys running around, I think that is a false statement unless I want to live in a pig sty. So not happening.

 Probably more info than you needed or wanted about yours truly, but you got it anyway! Now it is time to share the love….
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