So I did it. After being absent from my laptop and losing access to my story drafts, I tried to re-create the opening for Daelyn’s story based on memory and partial printouts I had. Though I believe I stayed fairly true to the original idea, the story feels a little weak to me. Of course, this is purely my own inner critic demanding more, which is why most of my stories tend to get put on the back burner, rehashed, or seem to take forever to move up in word count.

It’s been said before and I will repreat it here…writing is a constant learning process. With each story I believe I improve. One thing that has not ceased to exist in my writing, at least through the first draft, is the desire to tell over show. This is where the lovely ladies in my crit group come in handy. They, along with a couple of friends, will help keep me on the right path. Of that I have little doubt.

Belonging to a critique group is a new experience for me. That alone should warrant me a learning curve, right? Ladies? Must I beg? Please? Pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top? What if I add in a little chocolate to sweeten the deal?

Kidding. The girls over at YAFF are totally fabulous. In fact, I think if you looked closely, you would see that they even sparkle a bit. (I must admit that I think they use a little bit of fairie glamour to tone down their awesomeness in order to keep the riff raff at bay.) This is good for me. My YAFF fairies will help me grow as a writer. Its not fact, but a feeling that has taken root. And yes ladies, if you are reading this, I did call you fairies. Not pixie like, I envision you more glamorous and powerful. 😉