So about two weeks ago, I posted up some goals…then my computer decided to go on strike and never come back. I managed to steal some time here and there while at the parental units home, however, three computers with four people trying to claim their time made the task a little more difficult to achieve. The computer issue has now been resolved, so lets see… where was I on those goals anyway?

  • Add a minimum of 2500k to my ya story by Saturday morning. 
  • Flesh out my characters more. 
  • Hopefully, hear back from a ya crit group. (Really excited about that one so we shall see.)
  • Participate in the ya chapter of RWA
  • Not worry so much about being a panster and just go with what works for me. 
  • Visit fellow ya author blogs and show a little love, because this journey is not always an easy one but it is an exciting one
Okay but not great. The crit group has been fun and helped me to keep my sanity during this no-computer downtime. (As have a few of my other nearest and dearest friends) I had high hopes on the writing front, but in light of my panster goal and the loss of my computer which held the story on it, I re-worked the opening scene and think I like it better. So… on to the next set of goals. 
  • Get two chapters completed in the ya story. 
  • Critique the works of at least two of my fellow YAFFers
  • Schedule my blog posts so I can be more efficient
  • Blog hop! (Why does that make me think of bunny hop, or sock hop, or hopscotch even?)
That is all for now loverlies! Just trying to get organized in the midst of my chaotic mommy/work/write/life happens world!