Usually the bane of my existence. I rarely look forward to them. Well who does really? This week, I am going to use it to my advantage. A new start. A chance to begin looking at things differently…more positively. No longer will I let the Monday blues consume me. It only sets me up to start the day off on a negative note. Mondays are now my do-over days. My eraser days as my Grandmother used to say. The days I will lay out my goals for the week and see what I can accomplish.

So that being said, what do I plan to accomplish for the week?

  • Add a minimum of 2500k to my ya story by Saturday morning. 
  • Flesh out my characters more. 
  • Hopefully, hear back from a ya crit group. (Really excited about that one so we shall see.)
  • Participate in the ya chapter of RWA
  • Not worry so much about being a panster and just go with what works for me. 
  • Visit fellow ya author blogs and show a little love, because this journey is not always an easy one but it is an exciting one. 
Seems a little lofty, but I think I can manage. Will report back to you on my progress with a week wrap up on Saturday. Yes, I know it is not officially the end of the week, but I am taking Sundays off. My family day and the day I spend getting the Wonder Twins ready for their school week, laundry, and all those other mundane chores we never look forward to.