Well here we go again. Another week, another day of sitting through classes that practically bore me to tears, piles of homework I don’t want to do, and more rounds of harassment from Madison and the other girls that I will try to avoid. Yes, you guessed it. Daelyn has popped in and taken over once again.

I’ve been feeling a little down for some time now. I guess it is hard to feel any other way when my days are spent roaming the halls of school like a zombie with other kids who are simply going through the motions. Or when I spend my free time visiting the cemetery. Weird that I would hang out in the cemetery, but some odd reason, it is one of the only places that I feel at ease. Well, at least it was that way until recently. Now I have no where left to go that brings me that feeling.

Things keep changing and it is driving me insane. I feel like I am always standing on the edge of a big cliff and that one more little push will send me falling. Trust me, discovering that the world is not entirely as it seems can be a bit of a shock. Now I am wading through the waters trying to figure out which way is up. Each day I feel less like myself and more like a stranger in my own skin. Not sure if this is a typical feeling every teenager shares or just the freakish ones like me. I’m not going to take a poll around school and find out, not that most of them would answer anyway. And what would I say? “Hi, do you see dead people?” I swear they would think I’d either lost my mind or watched that old movie too many times. Forget mentioning the other things I see, unless I want to paint myself a bigger freak. More on that to come. I have to go finish getting ready for school now. Maybe if I just focus on making it through the day, all will be back to normal. Not likely, but a girl can dream can’t she?