So a while back I said I would hijack this blog on a weekly basis and then I vanished. Things came up. Life has been rather hectic as of late. The weird things that I mentioned I was seeing, that I couldn’t really explain, well I am still learning to cope. Hard when I don’t really have I can talk to about such things. My mother would have listened without having the men in white lab coats waiting in the wings. There has to be a reason for it all. But before I can delve into the oddities of my life any further, I first have to tackle High School Lit and manage to rein in my temper where Madison and Holly are concerned.

Those two girls are the worst out of the three that live in the foster home with me. Madison St. Clair has been there the longest, lots of interviews and no takers. She will probably still be there long after the rest of us have gone. Or at least until she has succeeded in making my life a living hell. Holly Olsen,well she aspires to take Madison’s place as the Foster Home reigning bully should the position ever open up. Last on the list of fosters is, Trina West. She usually gives me a pretty wide berth. As the newest at the home, she was the last person Lydia attempted to put in my room. Trina was the poster child for goth and yet it would seem I still hold the title of freak.

I’ve been keeping to myself, trying to avoid confrontation with Madison and Holly as much as possible. It hasn’t been easy. It’s like they have a radar that clues them in to when I strayed from my usual straight and narrow path. Wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t feel it necessary to run to Lydia or use it as blackmail. After losing my iPod to Madison to buy my freedom, which lasted all of about one night I might add, I no longer succumb to the blackmail approach. Now I’m just biding my time until they find my uncle and I can be rid of the girls forever. That is what makes the days pass a little easier. It’s the what if that has my stomach in knots. Anyways, time to hit the homework again. Big math test coming up and I loathe geometry.