So in my past adventures in writing, I have always gone the route of the panster. Just sat down at the computer, put fingers to keys, and typed away. I always felt it worked well up until I reached the point where I have to go back and rework something because I lost direction or changed an idea in the story.

Fact of the matter is, I am learning that the it takes a little planning and plotting. Otherwise, my reworks take FOREVER! No joke. So I am seriously plotting out Daelyn’s story. I hope that you all enjoy it when it comes to fruition. I have big plans for the series. (More reason to plot and plan) Plus notes have reappeared from a past incarnation of this story and I must now work them in.

Writing is a process that seems to constantly change for me at this point. At least until I find what works for me. Can’t wait to get to a point where I can share a little more with you. In the meantime…. there will hopefully be more appearances from Daelyn and perhaps a few from some of the other characters. One could only hope anyhow.