Not sure how many of you out there in my as of yet, very small readership know this… but I have split personalities. Okay, maybe not split as in I need psychological help, but like I have another name I write under.

The point is, that is why I have been so MIA from this blog. My young adult book was put on hold while I finished my first adult paranormal which had been in the works for over two years. Well, now that the first draft to that little beauty is done and I await some feedback and do a little massaging and magic on the manuscript, I can now start to devote more time to my loverly young adult book which is in limbo at the moment.

That puppy is coming out, the cobwebs are getting brushed off, and I am getting down to business. First though… an outline. A rough one. Only because I learned a lesson from my other persona…it is really bad when you can’t remember some of the finer details at the end of the book. 🙂

So ladies and gents, we are getting down and dirty. We are raising the dead. We are… we are… um…. well I can’t give too much away just yet. Give me a bit and I will slowly introduce you to my characters. Then we will see where it gets us.