Which is rarely ever a good thing, but on occasion I do surprise myself. This particular time, I found myself thinking about….wait for it. It will shock and amaze you!

….a story idea.

See told you. Shocking right? 😉 Well this particular story idea for some reason has really grabbed hold of me and won’t seem to let go. It ties in nicely to one of those little beauties listed in the side bar and I am not yet divulging which one. Why? Because there is a little problem that must be resolved first. Problem is this. My alter ego has a story that must come to a conclusion before I can be free to run with any other ideas that may or may not be running around through this little pea brain of mine. (BTW…. this idea is REALLY good and not just because it’s mine. LOL)

I will fill you all in a bit more as time progresses. Those little word counts on the side haven’t moved much in quite some time… but I expect that