Surely the debate exists regardless of movies or books that may influence the mania at one point or another. However, with the release of New Moon on video and the soon up and coming theater release of Eclipse, the debate is rampant once more. I am undecided. I tend to stand firmly on the side of the vampires, as they were my first introduction to the paranormal realm I have come to know and love. Yet, the warm and eternally furry do have their appeal as well. Really, remove Edward and Jacob from the equation and make a choice just based on simple human desire?

You want to sleep next to something cold as a block of ice without a heartbeat? Or would you rather curl up next to something warm with a pulse?

I can’t solve this debate on my own. It may never be solved. This may be a question that continues to haunt us through the decades. Like I said, I remain undecided. They both have their appeal. I write both. (I write about zombies too, but that hardly makes me want to wake up next to a rotting corpse every morning. πŸ˜‰ )

Chime in, but please leave your Team Edward/Team Jacob views at the door. (That is another issue that will never be settled.)