And for that I am truly sorry. What was I thinking abandoning you this way? It is so not like me. Well… perhaps a little like me. Life and all being what it is, how’s a girl supposed to know what will land in her lap from one day to the next? Seriously, I throw myself at your feet and beg for mercy.

Now that my groveling is done, I move on to the promises stage. Yes we all know this stage. Admit it.

So I promise to be better about blogging here in the wonderful world of zombies, myth, magic, and love. It won’t happen right away. I am a work in progress after all. My mind is working at light speed with ideas flashing in constantly. Now I just have to get settled into my new place so I can actually sit down and pound out a few thousand words or so a night. Dreaming? Perhaps, but what is life without dreams to lure us to constantly strive for more? I have my dreams. While we are waiting for me to get my act together over the next week or so… care to share your dreams with me?