Been so head over heels for a guy, that a simple hello set your heart all a flutter? That a text message made you swoon? What about his voice? Did the subtle nuances in his tone turn your insides to mush? There is something about young love, or new love rather, that speaks to every inch of your being. Some are lucky enough to make that last, some not so lucky. I often wonder about those people that do. How do they keep romance continually fresh and new? I hate to think of soul mates… but at the same time there is a glimmer of hope that blossoms from the belief that there is someone out there who completes you. Makes you a better person. Loves you for the person you are just as much as the person you aren’t. Accepts you for all you faults and possibly even loves you more for those shortcomings. Finding it can often be like capturing fireflies in a jar. Beautiful, exciting and new…but eventually most of the light dies out. Sad and a bit morbid, but at the same time so often true.
Is this why romance is such a constant in so many books, not just in the adult realm but now in young adult as well? Because we are all forever in search for that feeling? Or is it simply the fact that there is this emotional high that comes from reliving that feeling? Not just through our own experiences, but through lives of others as well?

I like to believe that the high of capturing that level of love is so addictive, that no matter whether you still have it or not, you are driven to constantly feel it… to search for ways to keep it alive. Everyone deserves that kind of love. I for one, will continue to try to find ways to capture the one firefly whose light will continue to burn bright. How about you?