I have them. More often than not I can see them in full cinematic color playing out in my mind. And they are unbelievable. The problem comes about when I actually sit down to pen the stories. For some reason, I can never seem to duplicate the idea in my head as precisely and it leaves the story feeling flat.

Characters….yes. Plot….not always. Scene settings and dramatic effect….not so much. Yep, I am currently a young adult author with major short comings and I need to get over them and stat. Maybe it is lack of focus that seems to plague me this time of year. Or perhaps it is the major upheaval my life has taken in the past twelve months. Whatever the case may be, of one thing I am certain. Things are changing. I will finish and submit one young adult manuscript by this time next year.

Huge goal? Not necessarily. My biggest hang up at the moment, would be…oh the fifty million other things on my to do list that have yet to be crossed off. The key is to not let it deter you, or so I’ve been told, and that is exactly what I intend to do. So until next time,