Bare with me. I am on a love kick at the moment. Not because I am in love, but because I love happy love stories. Even ones that start off not so happy but make their way there eventually. I don’t mean romance like most people have come to associate with books in the adult genres filled with sex and what not… I mean the very sappy, sometimes tragic love stories in books like the Twilight Saga and The Mortal Instruments series.

Truly, I am a sap for a story where some lucky soul finds that one person who makes every breath worth taking. I long to have that person enter my life. To meet the guy who makes things seem better just by entering a room, who can render me speechless with just a glance, whose mere existence is reason enough for getting out of bed in the morning and fretting over the outfit I will wear for the day.

Very rarely does one find the romance of a lifetime. We all yearn to have the happily ever after. To find our Edward Cullen or Jace Wayland. Sometimes we are lucky enough to find our prince of darkness. Sometimes not. And sometimes we are flat out slapped stupid when we discover they are occasionally not who we thought they were. Those are the stories I want to write. The stories where love conquers the impossible, where it may not be obvious to one or both of the characters that they are attracted to each other. Stories that inspire you to find your love of a lifetime.