That’s right. I am forever changing who and what I want to be when I grow up. Okay, that is not accurate. I know what I want to be. Hopefully I will someday achieve my goal of world domination. Too much you think? Perhaps. However, I do wish to reach a point in my writing career where I can look back at the things I have written and be proud to have my nieces and nephews read the stories contained on the bound pages without embarrassment. Right now, my only published novella is not a young adult story, nor is it paranormal. The two things I aspire greatly to write.

That being said… I have a ton of young adult geared story ideas, now I just have to write them. First I must finish the book my other persona is responsible for so that the lovely people who have helped push me and pick me up on this journey of mine can have their reward. Only about 40k from finishing the adult book and I can focus on my young adult book. Stay tuned. đŸ˜‰